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About Paula

About Paula Denby

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Paula Denby is a Welsh Artist and Poet…

Paula has had a very varied life.  Whether working in a secure unit, teaching art to children with emotional and behavioral problems or learning about elephant conservation in Northern Thailand, her love of nature and our living planet is embedded in her heart and has been a constant theme throughout her life.

Paula has always had an affinity with the mountain where she grew up.  Following a huge fire on the mountain, she decided to set up a volunteer conservation group, Friends of Mynydd Dinas, where families, children and members of the community could come together to grow and plant trees.  In 1998 they secured a ten year contract with the then Forestry Commission and worked closely with Afan Argoed providing training in surveyance for volunteers.

She has always used her art to show what is going on in the world and has written a number of stories with an environmental theme inspired by her local surroundings.  Most recently, she has linked her art and creative writing through art, storytelling and facepainting workshops at forest centres, schools and festivals.

In recent years she has carried out numerous environmental projects.   Her work on Wish trees with Waun Wen was based on her Promise tree work in the eco tent at Singleton Park and was featured in the TES.

She has delivered workshops at the Environment Centre in Swansea, at the National Eisteddfod and has led many workshops at Afan Forest Park and Margam Discovery Centre looking at the natural life of the valley and the regeneration of indigeonous flora and fauna.

Paula’s tale of “The White Bird” toured Swansea libraries with a keen following.  Her stories are designed to inspire people to appreciate, think and act.

Paula & her son

Paula and her son

She has a keen love of mythology and has delivered workshops in Wales on Dragon Mythology with mythology with multicultural links due to her interest in Eastern cultures.  Paula has also led workshops at the Owain Glyndwr festival in Abercraf.

She has exhibited her work extensively and has had much experience working locally as an artist and storyteller for Margam Park, Afan Forest Park and Swansea City Council.

On her travels, she has gained a wealth of experience which she has brought back to her locality.   She is now able to  publish her stories which enables her to reach a wider audience and is learning Welsh and piano.

Paula insists however, that her best creation of all is her son Conaugh.