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Inspiring stories, poems, art & more by Paula Denby

Paula Denby

Paula Denby is a Welsh artist, poet and singer.  Paula’s work often has a powerful and thought provoking message which reflects her love of Nature and her concerns about our beautiful planet.   Her stories are designed to inspire people to appreciate, think and act. > read more about Paula Denby


White Bird by Paula Denby

Online Shop

Paula has recently published her first book titled “The White Bird”.  This book is now for sale along with other items on this website.  > visit online shop

Please browse this website to learn more about Paula and her work.  You will also be able to buy her limited edition giclee prints, photographs, poems and greetings cards shortly.
Art projects

Workshops & Projects

Paula often works with local schools to help educate children about the environment and the beauty of the local region.  Please click here to read more about her Arts & Crafts Workshops


Snow Drops

Why Paula Chose the Name ‘Eirlys Arts’

“l watched a snowdrop growing through frozen rock hard Winter Earth it flowered in snow!  l was in awe that such a tiny delicate plant could do this impossible act.  It inspired me to name my business after it in the hope that l can make a difference in the world even if it’s a tiny difference it matters  – this is the theme of the White Bird story too”    Eirlys is Welsh for snowdrop. > read The Snowdrop poem

To find out more about Paula Denby please browse this website or get in touch via the Contact page.